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DOOM: Eternal will have Single-Player DLC, Snapmap Not Returning

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DOOM: Eternal got its first gameplay reveal at this years QuakeCon, and boy did it make an impact. From dismembering demons and allowing players to invade your game in the form of player controlled demons, there’s a lot to be excited about. Since the reveal a few other details have been confirmed that fans can look forward to.

During a Q&A roundtable, DOOM: Eternal director Marty Stratton confirmed that single-player DLC will be coming to DOOM: Eternal.

One of the big criticisms – and even if I could go back and do it again – I think we’d do campaign DLC after launch. People really wanted that. They wanted stuff created by us.

Marty Stratton also revealed that the popular SnapMap feature wont be returning in DOOM: Eternal.

Right now we don’t plan on bringing SnapMap back into Doom Eternal.

SnapMap was an interesting feature that allowed content creators to create their own levels and game modes in the original DOOM 2016. There hasn’t been any mention of a fully-fledged multiplayer mode this time around either. It seems that Bethesda is focusing more on what made DOOM 2016 great: it’s fun and furious campaign.

For more on DOOM: Eternal stay tuned to PSU. DOOM: Eternal is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

Source: PCGamesN