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Dreams Update 2.49 Patch Notes Confirm New Icons Have Been Added

Media Molecule has announced the Dreams update 2.49 patch notes for you to feast your eyes on, which adds a bunch of new icons to the critically acclaimed do-it-yourself title. Have a butchers at the latest Dreams patch notes below.

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What’s New?

  • New Icons: A total of 86 (YES! EIGHTY SIX!) new icons have been added to Dreams in this update. As mentioned up top, a lot of these ideas came from the Dreams coMmunity on Twitter, so thank you!
    • But how do we use them?! We hear you cry. We got you. To make an icon appear in a text gadget, creation description, or anywhere else you can make text happen, just type in the name enclosed by angle brackets as per the list below. Type <⁣square⁣> and you’ll get !























































































  • Extra note: A huge thank you to jaffakree, the_burgervan, EntropyTamed, NotreDamin, Demon-XVIII, RurouniDan, SDorin and BOTheGrand for their icon suggestions that helped us build out this new selection! <3
  • Extra, extra note: Although you won’t need to update Dreams to reconnect to our servers this time round, you will need to update if you want to see these new icons!
  • New Boot Image: As per the long hallowed (ok, this year) tradition, a new update brings with it a new boot image to gaze upon when you load up Dreams! This one comes from the amazing Emei Burrell from the Media Molecule art team, the art lead on this year’s DreamsCom event! It’s a very cute and serene image, and we love it lots.

[Source – Media Molecule]