DriveClub Bikes confirmed, launches today!


Sony confirmed during its press conference this evening that DriveClub Bikes is available from today and offers a new campaign and multiplayer events, plus fresh challenges for players to tackle. The expansion can be purchased both digitally and at retail. As you’d expect, the big twist here is that you’re able to race on some of the most powerful superbikes on the planet as opposed to the traditional DriveClub, car-based experience.


Sony looks set to unveil a new PlayStation 4 game known as DriveClub Bikes during its Paris Games Week conference later today, according to a rating unearthed on the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) board.

The mysterious title, which is listed as separate to Evolution Studios’ existing PS4-exclusive outing, DriveClub, was filed on October 27, and sounds very much like some sort of follow-up or possibly an expansion to last year’s socially-driven racing game. No other information was provided other than the game is for PS4 and is rated for ages 3 and up.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that Paul Rustchnysky of Evolution Studios will be putting in an appearance at Paris Games Week. Indeed, it does sound like Sony is poised to announce the title this week, as we already know the hardware giant is planning on unveiling some brand new games at the European event.

Sony recently touched on a possible sequel to DriveClub, admitting it is unlikely due to the fact the racing genre is a difficult market to crack at this point. Nonetheless, the original game proved to be quite successful for the company, selling two million copies as of July 2015. Be sure to read our DriveClub review to find out if it’s worth your cash.

DriveClub was originally scheduled to ship alongside the PS4 at launch in November 2013, but wasdelayed to early 2014 to allow for extended development time. Sadly, the racer was plagued by numerous issues even after this, as the game was pushed back further until fall 2014, with reports stating it had ‘gone back to the drawing board.’ The title eventually went gold and shipped in October last year, nearly a year after its initial launch window. Sony later divulged that ‘huge technical issues‘ were behind the game’s lengthy delay.

However, problems didn’t stop there. The PS Plus Edition of DriveClub failed to materialize at launch, at by the end of the month Sony had confirmed that the teaser had been officially delayed. While news of the PS Plus Edition’s launch continued to remain elusive, Sony assured fans it was committed to releasing the game and that it had not been canceled despite concerns among fans. To make matters even worse, the full version of DriveClub endured numerous server issues during its initial launch period. Finally, in June 2015, the PS Plus Edition of the Evolution Studios racer was made available to download.

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