DriveClub dev won’t be talking about its new game for a while yet

DriveClub developer Evolution Studios has said it’ll be a while before we hear anything on its next project, as it’s only just starting development on the mystery title.

Writing on Twitter in response to a fan, Evolution’s Paul Rustchynsky made it clear that things are still in the early stages; hardly a surprise considering the company was only recently snapped up by Codemasters. 

"We’re only going to start work on it at the end of the month, so it’s going to be a while before we announce anything,” he commented.

Evolution has revealed a few basic tidbits on the new title, confirming it’ll be a new racing IP and will release for multiple platforms. Up until now, the company was owned by Sony where it produced a number of PlayStation-exclusive franchises, including the hugely successful MotorStorm series for the PlayStation 3.

DriveClub followed exclusively for the PS4 in October 2014, and was recently expanded with the addition of DriveClub Bikes.

Sony announced last month that it had decided to shutter the British developer after more than a decade under the SCE Worldwide Studios umbrella. Despite the studio now operating as a multiformat developer with Codemasters, Evolution has said that PS4 will remain a key part of its strategy moving forward.