DriveClub on PS4 getting tire deformation in new update

DriveClub Game Director, Paul Rustchynsky, has confirmed that the PlayStation 4-exclusive racer will receive a new update next month that adds tire deformation into the mix.

Writing on Twitter, Rustchynsky also revealed that new tracks for the Evolution Studios-developed racing game will arrive at some point in 2016. Indeed, it looks as if the studio isn’t planning on stopping support for the game anytime soon, despite the fact it’s been out for over a year now. Probably just as well, as Sony has cast doubt on a possible follow-up to the racer. For now though, there’s always DriveClub Bikes to keep you busy.

Check out Rustchynsky’s Tweets below.

DriveClub was originally scheduled to ship alongside the PS4 at launch in November 2013, but was delayed to early 2014 to allow for extended development time. Sadly, the racer was plagued by numerous issues even after this, as the game was pushed back further until fall 2014, with reports stating it had ‘gone back to the drawing board.’ The title eventually went gold and shipped in October last year, nearly a year after its initial launch window. Sony later divulged that ‘huge technical issues‘ were behind the game’s lengthy delay.

However, problems didn’t stop there. The PS Plus Edition of DriveClub failed to materialize at launch, at by the end of the month Sony had confirmed that the teaser had been officially delayed. While news of the PS Plus Edition’s launch continued to remain elusive, Sony assured fans it was committed to releasing the game and that it had not been canceled despite concerns among fans. To make matters even worse, the full version of DriveClub endured numerous server issues during its initial launch period. Finally, in June 2015, the PS Plus Edition of the Evolution Studios racer was made available to download. 

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