Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 News

E3 2014: Grand Theft Auto V to have something special for PS4 gamers?

Following the expected announcement that Rockstar’s multi-million selling smash hit Grand Theft Auto V would be making the jump to next-generation systems in improved fashion, it seems as though PlayStation 4 gamers may be treated to something a little extra as well.

Speaking in an interview to Kotaku at this year’s E3, Sony’s North American VP of Marketing John Koller discussed how Grand Theft Auto V performed best on Sony’s PlayStation 3, and touched upon the series’ history on Sony’s consoles. 

When asked if there was any incentives to play the newly-announced game on PS4 over other consoles he said, ‘’I don’t think we announced anything publicly on that, but there will be. I think GTA V is a title that did extremely well on the PlayStation 3.’’

‘’In fact… the index rate…—the index rate is the amount of people who purchase one platform or the other relative to the install base—it swung well in PlayStation’s favor for GTA V, a lot of it because of the partnership we had with Rockstar.’’

‘’We would expect that to happen here, too. GTA is a PlayStation franchise. It started with us. We really feel strongly that it belongs as a key platform driver for us.’’

When pushed to clarify what exactly was meant by the comments, Koller finished by saying, ‘’GTA V is going to be, I think, a title we’ll talk about more in the weeks and months to come, but GTA V and the GTA franchise is something that will be something very special on PlayStation.’’

We expect confirmation of any exclusive content pertinent to Sony’s newest system to come soon – so watch this space.

Don’t forget to check out the game’s debut trailer on PS4 and give us your views on the news below – plus stay tuned for more E3-related coverage all this week.