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E3 2015 – Doom, Snapmap detailed, releasing spring 2016

Bethesda has officially shown off Doom, the next iteration in the long running series that is considered the birth of the first-person shooter genre. It’s been eleven years since the launch of Doom 3, and just like its predecessor, Doom will sport a brand new ID tech engine that the developers eternally refer to IDTech 666.

In the gameplay trailer, Bethesda seems to push the graphics of the franchise just like Doom 3 did.The gameplay trailers starts out much like the Doom 3 trailer did with our hero dawning the Super Shotgun and quickly getting attacked by demons that Doom fans will easlly recognize. Long time fans will once again dawn the games Super Shotguns, Plasma Rifles, and, of course, the trusty Chainsaw, leading to plenty dismemberment.

Dismemberment is a new feature to Doom, limbs get blown off body parts explode and did I mention melee kills. Another new feature to Doom are brutal melee kills. Doom also goes back to its roots with a more action oriented approach rather than the more survival horror approach of Doom 3.

Doom will also sport a multiplayer mode where players will battle each other and even be able to play as some of the demons. Along with the multiplayer Doom will allow modifications through Bethesda’s Snapmap. Allowing players to create arena modes or even survival mode. Making your own game modes and uploading them online for others to enjoy.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer featured during the Bethesda E3 showcase!

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