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EA Might Be Closing In On A £500 Million Deal With The UK’s Premier League For Its Upcoming Football Game

EA’s departure from its relationship with FIFA means that we’re not going to be betting FIFA games in the same way anymore. From a gameplay perspective, it’ll still be the same old gameplay players have come to love, though it will go by a different name.

Part of that change also means EA needing to sign new deals in order to continue working with the players and teams it needs to, and it looks like the publisher might be closing in on a deal with the UK’s Premier League worth £500 million.

The news comes from Sky News editor Mark Kleinman, who tweeted out news of the deal, noting that its alleged value at £500 million is “more than twice the current annual value.”

This deal likely won’t be the only one EA will have to re-negotiate, as the rest of the professional leagues around the world will likely also look to get more money out of EA.

Source – [Sky News]