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Effie A PS4 Exclusive 3D Platformer Arrives This Summer

Spanish indie studio Inverge Studios announced today via press release a brand new 3D platformer called Effie. This new PS4 title looks to bring back the spirit of old school traditional 3D platformers.

Effie brings old-school platforming to PS4

Effie stars a young man named Galand who gets cursed by a witch to live in the body of an old man. He sets of on a journey to reverse the curse and stop the witch. Effie takes place in the gorgeous region of Oblena filled with vibrant and colorful vegetation.

Galand embarks on his adventure with his trusty magical shield which he can use to fight off enemies or even use as a hoverboard to transverse the environment and reach various destinations. Oscillating between open-world exploration and a linear adventure, Effie allows players to visit settlements and then once there, a series of linear and traditional style levels unfold.

Very much routed in the 3D platforming template of old, Effie finds itself as influenced by the likes of Jak & Daxter as it does by even older fare such as Ghouls and Ghosts; so neatly does it seem to combine platforming and hack and slash elements.

Visually too, Effie boasts a colorful veneer that also taps into the 3D platformers of old, with richly detailed, vibrant environments and character models that lovingly hark back to those days of yore – a far cry from dull browns and lifeless greys that so often permeate other games these days.

When it arrives on PS4 in early June, Effie joins the ranks of other notable 3D platforming efforts such as Yooka-Laylee and Ratchet & Clank. What do you guys think of this though? Do you believe there is still a market for old-school platformers like Effie? Let us know in the comments below!

Effie is set to release June 4th 2019 and will retail for $19.99