Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, Fallout 4 VR, and other Bethesda rumors


Fresh rumors on Bethesda’s E3 showcase have emerged on 4Chan over the weekend, suggesting the software giant has two major reveals up its sleeves for the Los Angeles-based event.

According to the leak, Bethesda is planning on announcing a brand new title known as Starfield at E3; a game which has been in the conceptual stages since the release of Fallout 3 back in 2008. Pre-production on the title commenced after the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2011, with full development eventually kicking off after Fallout 4’s DLC rollout. 

The 4Chan rumor claims that Starfield will be an open-world RPG with a science-fiction flavour, again set in the traditional first-person viewpoint that most Bethesda games employ. Around 5-10 races will appear in the game and it will be set in the same universe as Fallout, albeit far into the future and away from earth itself. Apparently, this is part of an ongoing plan to connect each Bethesda franchise’s universe. 

Elsewhere, Bethesda is also planning a Fallout 4 VR reveal for E3, although apparently they’re also working on Skyrim VR too but aren’t sure if it will be showcased at the event. There’s also talk of a partnership between Bethesda and HBO to produce a Game of Thrones game, which will follow after Starfield. 

Finally, the leak also touches base on The Elder Scrolls 6, which is reportedly due to take place in Akavir and will feature the biggest open-world in the company’s history. If that wasn’t enough, the next instalment in the fantasy-RPG series, The Elder Scrolls 7, is touted to be designer Todd Howard’s magnum opus, and will take place across the entire continent of Tamriel. 

The release dates for the games are reportedly as follows. Naturally, take these with a huge pinch of salt as with all rumours.

  • Starfield – 2017
  • Game of Thrones – 2020
  • The Elder Scrolls 6 – 2023
  • New Fallout – 2025
  • The Elder Scrolls 7 – 2030

Source: NeoGAF, MrMattyPlays