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Embracer Group Cancels The New Deus Ex Game, Lays Off 97 Developers From Eidos Montreal

Embracer Group has reportedly cancelled the once-upcoming brand new Deus Ex game from Eidos Montreal, and on top of that hit the studio with layoffs to the tune of 97 developers now out of work.

Ever since Embracer Group’s deal with the Saudi Arabian games company Savvy Games Group fell through, the developers and studios working under Embracer Group have been suffering, and that continues with Eidos Montreal’s layoffs.

This is also a sad day for Deus Ex fans who were looking forward to a new, current-gen Deus Ex experience. Now, we’ll never know what that would’ve been.

Shortly after news of the cancellation and layoff first broke, Eidos Montreal released an official statement, confirming just the layoff. “The comprehensive restructuring announced by Embracer has finally impacted our studio,” the statement read.

“The difficult decision has been made to let go 97 people from development teams, administration and support services. We are working to support all impacted personnel through this transition.

These very talented, highly experienced people are entering the employment market, and we want them to find their next projects and are helping to do so.”

Since the coming Deus Ex game was never officially announced, it’s easy for Embracer Group and Eidos Montreal to simply not mention it.

Hopefully this isn’t the end of the franchise though, and that it will one day return.

More than anything though hopefully those developers now looking for work are able to find a job soon.

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