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Epic Assassin’s Creed Shadows Gameplay Footage Reveals Brutal Combat & Stealth In Action

Ubisoft has lifted the wraps off an extensive Assassin’s Creed Shadows gameplay showcase during Ubisoft Forward this evening, offering an in-depth look at the latest entry in the long-running franchise.

The sequence opens up with Yasuke, one of two protagonists in Assassin’s Creed Shadows and an historical figure, as he rides on horseback into a village. It’s bustling with locals going about their business, and stops to pat a dog. He then takes on a quest to rid the village of a pest known as Fujioka, who is harassing people in the Dyeing District.

We then get a look at combat as Yasuke takes on multiple guards in the market using powerful strikes with his weapon, spilling blood all over the place with bone-crushing force. We also see Yasuke parry some blows and knock his opponents off balance.

Finally, our samurai protagonist dispatches his prey in with brutal efficiency before Naoe drops by and they discuss their next step. It is here that you are given a choice of who to play as for the next mission. The action then switches to nightfall where Naoe has to assassinate Lord Hayashi, who resides in Fukuchiyama Castle.

This is a more stealth-focussed mission that sees Naoe employing classic Assassin’s Creed tactics such as hiding in the shadows and rooftops before delivering an instant kill with the Hidden Blade. Naoe is also able to snuff out light sources to help her remain hidden in darkness inside the castle. When she does need to use combat, it’s clear that Naoe has a different style than Yasuke, helping to differentiate each protagonist.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows is scheduled for release on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S on November 15, 2024.