Eternal Sonata: Characters broadened

Microsoft fans got to play Eternal Sonata far before their rival PlayStation fans. They were given the opportunity to enjoy this masterpiece of a title in all of its glory. Anybody who has played it would agree that is was not only phenomenal, but also unforgettable. The story was perfect, the art was brilliant, and the score was absolutely mesmerizing. Now it’s our turns.

Great things come to those who wait. Eternal Sonata is slated to hit PS3 shelves this year and it’s going to be a title to remember. What do the Sony faithful get for the long wait? Two extra playable characters that were mere NPC’s for the 360.

Those who have waited for this title will be given the chance to utilize not only Prince Crescendo, but his lovely bride, Serenade. This is complimented with more story sequences as well.

All of these may have been news that was commonly known, however, we have screenshots of the characters in action.