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Even More Starfield Screenshots Have Leaked, Showcasing Suits, Factions, And More

Guess what? A bunch more Starfield screenshots have allegedly leaked, this time showcasing things like suits and factions, along with another look at the environment.

These new screenshots (which were posted on Reddit) feature the same UI and menus we have seen in the previous two leaks, but we do get a close-up look at the suit the player character is wearing, along with what is reportedly a faction logo. Some of the other images appear to be just renders of materials and buildings in the game, so these seem a tad less convincing than the in-game screenshots we have previously seen.

The Reddit thread pulls together images from multiple sources, one of which claims that these images are being leaked from a member of Bethesda Games Studios, whereas another source is saying that this isn’t the case. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume these are being leaked from anyone, all we can do is look at what we have which can be seen in ESO’s video, although SkullziTV who has the extra screenshot below states that these were not leaked from a Bethesda employee:


This whole thing seems like a bit of a mess and with allegations being floated left and right it is best to not make any assumptions about where these images are being leaked from. If you haven’t already you can catch up on the last two images which were leaked here and here.

Starfield is in development.

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