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Far Cry 5 PS4 Pro Render Mode Lets You Adjust Settings

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A new screenshot has surfaced allegedly from Far Cry 5 on PS4 Pro, which shows that it will feature a render mode. The Far Cry 5 PS4 Pro render mode will apparently give players the choice between a higher resolution or better graphics.

Far Cry PS4 Pro Render Mode

As you can see from the screenshot below, it looks like you can select your preferred mode with the options being:

Higher Resolution: Graphics will be adjusted to maximize 4K resolution

Better Graphics: Graphics will be adjusted to maximum quality over 4K resolution

far cry ps4 pro render mode
Far Cry 5 PS4 Pro render mode rumored for release.

Ubisoft has yet to confirm this feature, but with the March 27 release date looming we'd expect to hear about it soon. Recently, we went hands-on with the Arcade and multiplayer modes, so check it out!

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