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Far Cry 7 Reportedly Due Fall 2025 And Will Use The Snowdrop Engine

According to a report on Insider Gaming, Far Cry 7 is going to be released in Fall 2025 and will be developed on the Snowdrop engine at Ubisoft Montreal, where the project is currently known as Project Blackbird.

Sources close to the site have claimed that Far Cry 7 will feature a non-linear narrative and follows the player character attempting to rescue his kidnapped family. Apparently, this involves saving them within a specific time frame, which is reportedly 72 hours (24 hours in real-time), from a group known as the Sons of Truth.

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One key factor is that the family members can be rescued in any order, and given the non-linear nature of the campaign, it’s possible for some to be killed outright. To attain 100% completion, you must rescue all of your family members and take down the Sons of Truth. To help you achieve this, Far Cry 6 allegedly includes an interrogation mechanic, although this doesn’t guarantee you the info you need.

The report states that previous reports on Far Cry 7 that emerged earlier this year, which claimed it would be called Far Cry: Rise and will take place on a fictional tropical island, are ‘entirely inaccurate,’ so don’t put too much faith in what you’ve heard previously.

Speaking of previous reports, it’s also believed that Ubisoft is working on another Far Cry game known as Project Maverick, which is said to be focused on multiplayer.

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