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Far Cry New Dawn Best Guns For Hire And All Abilities

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Just like Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn allows you hire guns and fangs. In the following guide for PS4, Xbox One and PC, we’ll show you where to find the best guns for hire and how to locate them on the map.

Far Cry New Dawn Best Guns For Hire

Each Far Cry New Dawn Guns For Hire fits into a different class, so it depends on your playstyle who you’ll prefer. Let’s take a look at all the human and animals you can get on your side as you attempt to complete the next saga in the Far Cry series.

In total there are six guns for hire and two fangs for hire. Here’s the complete list, with their locations.

Hurk – RPG

Enter the “Days of Blunder” mission, which is just to the South East of Trailer Town. Your car is stuck in first gear and it’s packed full of explosives. It’s your mission to escape.

  • Two seater moped
  • Fast Hands: Reloads fast
  • Heat Seeker: RPGs will track air and land vehicles

Pastor Jerome – Berserker

In order to get Pastor Jerome on your side, you’re going to need to liberate him from a moving convoy. Check the map location to find out where to start this mission, which is called “Jerome Comes Home.”

He joins you with the following skills and items:

  • Moped with sidecar
  • Holy Fire – Throws Molotov cocktail
  • Blessed Bullets: Uses Incendiary ammo

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Gina Guerra – Heavy Gunner

One the best Guns for Hire in Far Cry New Dawn is Gina, due to her heavy gunning ability. You’ll need to start the mission “Mo’Mommies, Mo’ Problems” and take part in a Highwaymen Prisoner run in your vehicle.

  • Car with machine guns attached
  • Who’s Counting: Unlimited Ammo
  • Overload – Uses explosive ammo

The Judge – Hunter

In order to complete “Joseph’s Secret” you’ll need to hunt and destroy the beast within to unlock The Judge.

The Judge has the following skills:

  • Stealth: When you are this silent you prefer your feet to a vehicle.
  • Feral Friendly: While the judge is with you, animals will not attack unless that are attacked first.
  • Harsh Judgement: The Judge shoots three arrows simultaneously at a target.

Nana – Sniper

Get Nana on your side by taking part in a shooting range challenge called “Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Nest”. Once you’ve completed this challenge, you’ll then need to find off a group of highwaymen who attack.

Her abilities include:

  • Silencer: She puts a silencer on everything.
  • Smoke Monster: She can see through smoke.
  • Piercing Gaze: She can shoot through cover.

Timber – Scout

Rescue Timber in the “Man Eat Dog World” mission and he’ll be your faithful friend. You’ll also meet Pastor Jerome in this mission, who is also one of the Guns For Hire you can unlock, if you haven’t already done so. Here’s the mission to unlock Timber.

Timber’s abilities are:

  • Retriever: Tags enemies, digs up crafting materials and occasionally fetches weapons for you
  • Pointer: Tags nearby alarms and crafting materials
  • Guard Dog: Intercepts animals attacking you

Horatio – Tank

This loveable hog is a tank. You’ll need to hunt down Horatio in the “Hunt it and Show Dominance” mission, but watch out as he’s a dangerous beast!

This pigs abilities are:

  • Shield Break: Charges enemies with shields and knocks it out of their hands
  • Pig’s Endurance: If he’s down, he’ll get up without your help
  • Porcine Fury: In a fit of rage, he’ll destroy everything in his path

Carminia Rye – Assaulter

  • Owns a car
  • Dynamite: Throws a stick of dynamite
  • Make it triple: Throws three sticks of dynamite in quick succession

It’s hard to choose our best Guns For Hire character in Far Cry New Dawn. Each of them add a little something different. However, Gina is a tough cookie. She’s resilient and the fact that she never runs out of ammo means that she’s always there helping you in each situation. We do love bringing Timber out with us on a hunt too.