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Far Cry New Dawn Rattlesnake Location – Where To Find Rattlesnake’s Skin

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If you’re searching for the Rattlesnake locations in Far Cry New Dawn, then look no further. We’ve been bitten by a few so know exactly where to bag the slippery reptile and get yourself a rattlesnake skin!

You may stumble across one accidentally, but you are guaranteed to find rattlesnakes during Treasure Hunts. You’ll unlock a couple of treasure hunts early on back at Prosperity, but if you buy the map from the Cartographer, you can bag yourself a bundle of snakes.

far cry new dawn rattlesnake location

Rattlesnake Location In Far Cry New Dawn

Snakes like caves. Outside every treasure hunt cave they’ll be a rattlesnake hissing around. They’re easy to kill, just don’t let them get too close otherwise you’ll get a nasty bite! They’re also tricky to spot on occasions, but listen out for the sound of hissing and keep your eyes on the grass.

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