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FIFA 19 Card Types: All FUT 19 Cards

FIFA 19 FUT Coins

The FIFA 19 card types for this year’s interation of EA Sport’s soccer game have been uncovered. Found through data-mining the FIFA 19 demo, the following FIFA Ultimate Team FUT Cards were unearthed.

Though it’s no guarantee that all card types listed below for FIFA 19 will appear in the full version of the game, it gives us a good indication of what will be available. Initially it’s the players cards that are the most important as you seek to build your FUT 19 team.

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, card packs are split into difficult categories, including bronze, silver and gold. Each pack costs either FIFA Coins or FIFA points, with the gold category being the most expensive, and containing the more valuable cards.

They’ll also be ways to win card packs through participating in various Ultimate Team Events. In FIFA 18, squad battles provided a great way to gain extra FIFA coins and card packs.

FIFA 19 Card Types

The following FIFA 19 card types have now been discovered. All FUT 19 cards are listed below.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Rare Bronze
  • Rare Silver
  • Rare Gold
  • Team of the Week Bronze
  • Team of the Week Silver
  • Team of the Week Gold Hero
  • Team of the Year
  • Record Breaker
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Domestic Man of the Match
  • FUTTIES Nominee
  • Pro Player
  • Team of the Season
  • Icons
  • FUTTIES Winner
  • The Journey III
  • FUT Champions Bronze
  • FUT Champions Silver
  • FUT Champions Gold
  • Ones to Watch
  • Ultimate SCREAM
  • Movember
  • Squad Building Challenge
  • Premium Squad Building Challenge
  • Goals of the Month
  • Award Winner
  • FUT Birthday
  • FUT Championship
  • POTM Bundesliga
  • POTM Premier League
  • UEFA Europa League Premium SBC
  • UEFA Europa League Man of the Match
  • Europa League Path To Glory
  • UEFA Champions League Common
  • UEFA Champions League Rare
  • UEFA Champions League Man of the Match
  • UEFA Champions League Path to Glory
  • Flashback Player SBC
  • FUT Swap Deals I
  • FUT Swap Deals II
  • FUT Swap Deals III
  • FUT Swap Deals IV
  • FUT Swap Deals V
  • FUT Swap Deals VI
  • FUT Swap Deals VII
  • FUT Swap Deals VIII
  • FUT Swap Deals IX
  • FUT Swap Deals X
  • FUT Swap Deals XI
  • Team of the Year Nominee
  • Team of the Season Nominee
  • UEFA Europa League Team of the Tournament
  • UEFA Champions League Premium SBC
  • UEFA Champions League TOTT
  • UEFA Europa League

Ahead of the launch of FIFA 19 on September 28, if you’re still playing FIFA 18, check out some of our guides. And for more information, visit the FIFA website.