Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.3, ‘Defenders of Eorzea,’ gets full details, release date

The next major content update for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will expand the main story, bring new dungeons, and invite players to open-world PvP.

Patch 2.3, dubbed "Defenders of Eorzea," will release on Tuesday, July 8. Most notably, it adds Ramuh, a fan-favorite summon and series mainstay, to Eorzea as a Primal threat joining the likes of Ifrit, Garuda, and Leviathan. Players will continue the main scenario, typically extended by a good several hours with each major patch, to discover why the Lord of Levin and wielder of lightning threatens the realm and put an end to his hostilities.

The story of 2.3 is expected to build up to the introduction of Shiva in 2.4. At that time, the Rogue class and Ninja job will also make their debut.

Final Fantasy die-hards will be pleased to know that two new enemies teased by Square Enix look to be callbacks to Final Fantasy VI’s Ultros and the ever-present Adamantoise.

"Defenders of Eorzea" brings an astonishing array of new content to Square Enix’s flagship MMO, including 72-player open-world PvP ("Frontlines"), three four-player dungeons, another 24-player raid, and a host of side quests, including Delivery Moogle courier missions and the next stage of the humorous Hildibrand storyline.

The more-involved among you should also know that 2.3 is adding private chambers to Free Company housing, beast hunts, Chocobo raising, and the ability for crafting classes to forge accessories of an item level higher than 70. Syrcus Tower, the new floor of the Crystal Tower and the aforementioned 24-player raid, will drop item-level 100 armor and Unidentified Allagan Tomestones, exchanged for i100 weapons. Later patches will add more loot to the raid’s table, like Sands of Time, used for upgrading i100 "Weathered" armor to i110.

Final Fantasy XIV is a perfect example of how some games, while stressful, can bring people together. It’s also a role-playing triumph and one of PS4’s best games.

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