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Final Fantasy XV Update 1.23 Patch Notes For New Comrades Content

final fantasy xv update 1.23

Square Enix has rolled out two update for Final Fantasy XV. Alongside update 1.22, Final Fantasy XV Update 1.23 reveals the addition of new quests, trophies and chocobo breeding features.

The patch requires around 3.8GB of space on your PS4 hard drive and brings new content for the Comrades update. The full patch notes for both updates can be found below.

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.23 Patch Notes

  • Addition of new Comrades quests (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Implementation of new Royal Sigils (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Introduction of chocobo breeding features (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Addition of new trophies (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Addition of a scene to Chapter 5
  • Various bug fixes

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.22 Patch Notes

  • Addition of compatibility with FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL PACK
  • Inclusion of character dossiers (accessible from the Archives)
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from fourth photo contest (viewable at Mother of Pearl at Galdin Quay)
  • Implementation of new quests in Chapter 10
  • Various bug fixes

Final Fantasy XV is also due to be released on PC this week. However, it seems that the game has already been hacked by Chinese group 3DM. DSO Gaming suggests that some players have been able to reach up to Chapter 9 with no issues. Not good news for Square!