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Final Fantasy XVI Trailer Was Delayed Due To War In Ukraine, Says Producer

Final Fantasy XVI just had a brand new trailer shown off at the beginning of the month as the closing trailer for Sony’s latest State Of Play.

Today however, we’ve learned that the trailer should have been released much earlier, as early as March in fact, according to the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, but the war in Ukraine caused Sony to reconsider the trailer’s timing.

“Actually, it was ready to be released in March, but at the same time, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made the world situation unstable,” Yoshida said, speaking to Japanese website Dengeki Online.

“Since Final Fantasy XVI deals with a rather heavy theme as a story, I wondered if the second trailer was released at this time if it would be truly enjoyable for gamers. When I told SIE about that feeling, SIE was also worried about it, so I decided to postpone the release after thorough discussions.”

This certainly isn’t the first time world events have effected announcements from the games industry, and it likely won’t be the last.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, it was just revealed that Kojima Productions is raising funds for Ukrainian refugees escaping to Japan through the sale of a charity item.

Source – [VGC]