Fanatec Gran Turismo DD PRO News PS5 PS5 Direct Drive Wheel

First PS5 Direct Drive Wheel Confirmed, The $700 Gran Turismo DD PRO

The Gran Turismo DD PRO is the first PS5 direct drive gaming wheel from manufacturer Fanatec, offering the “smoothest and most dynamic force feedback sensations.” If you fancy taking Gran Turismo 7 to the next level when it launches in March 2022, then this is it – for hefty price, that is.

Building on the force feedback technology first introduced with Gran Turismo 3 back in 2001, the DD Pro was developed in conjunction with CSL DD, and delivers next-generation force feedback tech in the shape of Direct Drive. The wheel offers a white OLED display that offers visual info, paired with four five-way directional sticks that sit alongside the trademark PlayStation input buttons.

The steering wheel for Gran Turismo DD Pro provides the perfect interface between you and the game. Full Fanatec SDK support ensures compatibility out of the box for all major racing games.

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The Gran Turismo DD PRO is available to preorder from today and will retail for $699.95. The wheel has a released date of March 2022.