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Foreclosed Bringing Cyberpunk Action To PS5 In 2021

Foreclosed, the comic book-inspired shooter from Merge Games and Antal Studios, is coming to the PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One in 2021.

Foreclosed Heading To PS5 In 2021

The Cyberpunk-flavoured action game will feature a comic book aesthetic and sees players getting their hands on brain implant abilities, high-tech weapons, and a diverse skill tree system. The game’s look borrows heavily from the likes of Deus Ex and Max Payne, plus Hard Boiled, the graphic novel by Frank Miller.

Have a gander at the blurb below.

  • Slick Cyberpunk ActionForeclosed blends a striking comic book aesthetic alongside high-octane, cyberpunk infused action gameplay.

  • Hi-tech Combat – Modify your Symbiotic Pistol with an assortment of customisations including “Machine-Gun” mode and explosive rounds.

  • Firmware Upgrades – Discover and unlock brain implant abilities with an RPG-like skill system

  • Interactive Comic Book – Everything from gameplay to cinematics are experienced within the stylistic framework of a graphic novel to make you truly feel like a comic book hero.

  • Original Story – Follow the story of Evan Kapnos, his identity recently Foreclosed, stripped of his job, brain implants and access to the city Blockchain. He must now escape the city before his identity and implants are auctioned off…