Fortnite Cross-Play appears again on PS4 and Xbox One

After probably getting in a bit of hot water a few months back, it seems like Epic Games have left cross-platform play on again in Fortnite.

According to reports on Reddit concerning the PvE version of the game, Xbox One players claim to have seen PlayStation exclusive skins on characters in Xbox versions of the lobby, among other things.

The PS4-exclusive skin on a female Constructor class can be seen below in an Xbox lobby.

Is it simply an accident that this has happened yet again. Are Epic secretly hoping Sony cave on cross-play if they keep ‘forgetting’ to switch it off? Probably nothing quite that blatant, but it stops being an accident if you keep doing something repeatedly.

The latest update for Fortnite dropped earlier this week, but that was mainly focused on refreshing the map for the PvP Battle Royale mode.

Whatever the reason for it, it will only serve to put more pressure on Sony to be friendly with Microsoft over cross-play.

The company was heavily criticised for not being open to it when cross-play function was established in Rocket League and Minecraft for several platforms. Sony simply stuck to its guns.

In fairness, Sony aren’t doing anything particularly new. Microsoft took a similar approach last generation. And Final Fantasy XIV’s absence on Xbox One has everything to do with Microsoft not wanting to play cross-play ball.

Sony haven’t got a massive cash flow to risk in losing its market lead. That’s led to some overly cautious decision-making with the PlayStation brand. For better or worse. It can be frustrating sure, but understandable for a company that was on its knees not so long ago.

Epic will likely get away with this if it is a mistake or not. Fortnite is doing big numbers thanks to Battle Royale, and PS4 has a good chunk of the audience for it. Epic even alluded to Sony’s denial of cross-play at The Game Awards last year.

With no release date for PUBG forthcoming on PS4, it’s the best Battle Royale title PlayStation has got. So it’d be hard to believe Sony would jeopardise that over this.

One thing is for sure, we’re going to see the cross-play debate rage once again.

  • Giselle Brady

    Dayum, Xbox must be hurting bad.

    • AuricGoldfinger

      Why would Xbox be hurting for the PUBG rip-off? hahaha, there are 3 million xbox gamers playing PUBG.

      Yet you state, they must be hurting for a cartoon PUBG wannabe. I’ve read it all lol

      • J.j. Barrington

        They’re still pushing for cross-play, right? Means they’re hurting for multiplayer.

        • AuricGoldfinger

          Hurting for multiplayer? You’re kidding right? Please name the first party Sony games that have multiplayer/4 player co-op? Because PS4 is a single player haven, while XB1 is a multiplayer haven.

          Xbox One:
          -Sea of Thieves=coop/multiplayer
          -Halo = co-op/multiplayer
          -Forza = multiplayer
          -Forza Horizon = multiplayer
          -Crackdown = co-op/multiplayer
          -Cuphead = multiplayer
          -PUBG = multiplayer

          -Nioh = single player
          -Detroit = single player
          -Nier = single player
          -Gravity Rush = single player
          -GT Sport = multiplayer
          -Horizon = single player
          -Bloodborne = single player
          -Uncharted = single player
          -Persona = single player
          -The Order = single player with AI team mates

          Every gamer knows Playstation offers the single player experiences, and Xbox offers the co op/multiplayer experiences. Whenever a Playstation game has a multiplayer component, it’s a tacked on experience. Sony doesn’t implement 4 player co-op experiences in their games, let alone a major multiplayer component. Hell Uncharteds multiplayer was p2p lol. Every xbox game has dedicated servers, yet you say they’re hurting for multiplayer with 3 million sold for PUBG in 1 month lol.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Well, let’s go ahead and pretend you’re not leaving out a lot of games on PS4: every Tales games has 4-player co-op, and there are two of those on PS4; Dragon’s Crown is the same, among many others.

            We’ll also pretend you’re not lying about what you’ve posted of PS4 games: Bloodborne is co-op, and Uncharted has had multiplayer since UC2.

            Then we’ll pretend like you’re not making stuff up as you go along to try and discredit what you see fit: p2p doesn’t prevent Uncharted’s multiplayer from being a “major” component, else you could say that about every game on the Xbox list until this gen, and we all know you’d never say that.

          • AuricGoldfinger

            No one said Bloodborne didn’t have co-op, it’s still a single player game with a tacked on 3 player co-op experience. It’s not 4 player co-op is it? name a 4 player co-op, playstation AAA experience? I’ll wait. Uncharted is a single player game through and through, with a tacked on multiplayer component. No one in their right mind would refer to Uncharted as a multiplayer game lol. What a joke!! Microsoft always offers AAA 4 player co-op/multiplayer experiences. Sony doesn’t, otherwise The Order should have been 4 player co-op, and it was single player with AI teammates lol.

          • J.j. Barrington

            You’re trying too hard. Making too many stipulations that suit your argument, but just make you look petty.

          • AuricGoldfinger

            If you say so…When it’s said and done, Microsoft is known for AAA multiplayer/co op experiences, and Playstations strength entails single player experiences, Nintendo for children.

          • Hans Wurst

            You must be 15 if you think Nintendo is for children. XBox is the brand for American shooter kids though.

          • AuricGoldfinger

            If you say so lol. Fortnite is free, Fortnite is also a clone of PUBG. It’s still not more popular, as of right now the most popular paid game on xbox one store is PUBG. Yet you claim Fortnite is more popular? Enjoy PS4 Fortnite, while Xbox gamers will enjoy the better PUBG game. That’s like claiming Team Fortress is more popular than Counter Strike lol

          • mark0394

            You must be 12 years old to think you can say something So ignorant and think it’s funny or ok… ” xbox is the brand for American shooter kids ” grow up you piece of s**t … But i guess i wouldn’t expect anything less from a ps fanboy troll like you

          • Hans Wurst

            Reality hurts sometimes…just the fact that you have aged doesn’t make what I stated less true, be it the exaggeration that it was of course.

          • mark0394

            ” reality hurts sometimes” so is it reality or an exaggeration ? You know it can’t be both , right ?… instead of trying to justify your stupid comment why don’t you just stop saying stupid s**t and try being a smarter person… If you’re capable of course.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Microsoft is known for having little beyond multiplayer; the AAA part of it is irrelevant, a qualifier you added that is not representative of the general view of the brand. It’s really not known for co-op, either, though many of Xbox’s games(actually, just two franchises) do have it.

            PlayStation is known for variety. Single player, co-op, multiplayer, whatever. It is true that single-player titles have been among PlayStation’s most notable games, but to act as if there aren’t any quality multiplayer or co-op games that have seen lots of success is disingenuous, to say the least.

            Not just for children, Nintendo is known for being family-friendly. Although most of their stuff doesn’t appeal to me, their games are usually meant to be all-ages fun; last I checked, that means more than just children.

          • Hans Wurst

            Yes man, X1 player base in Europe or anywhere outside UK and US is tiny. Those servers need people to play with, desperately.

      • Hans Wurst

        You do realise Fortnite is more popular than PUBG on consoles?! 3 million players means accounts that had logged in once. Not sales and not people playing.

  • Hans Wurst

    I’m totally in support of Sony refusing Cross Play with XBox. They are simply in a much stronger position and wouldn’t gain anything from it. MS on the other hand must be desperate for it to happen.