Battle Royale Fortnite Patch Notes Update

Fortnite Update 5.20 Patch Notes -New Battle Royale Mode and More

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Another week, another healthy update to the mildly popular Fortnite. This week’s Fortnite update 5.20 patch notes include a new shotgun, a new Battle Royale Mode, and a rather impressive Save the World costume.

Get the major details below.

Fortnite Update 5.20 Patch Notes

You’ve got two shots… make them count! Deal massive damage at close range with the new Double Barrel Shotgun and outrun the Storm in the newest LTM for Battle Royale. Steady your aim and shake up your foes with the new Mythic Outlander, coming to Save the World.

Double Barrel Shotgun (Battle Royale)
Devastating at close range, the Double Barrel Shotgun packs a punch with each of its 2 shots.

fortnite update 5.20 patch notes

Steady Storm (Battle Royale)
This Storm waits for no player and there are no safe zones. Stay aware of the map and keep moving it to the center of the circle in the Steady Storm LTM.

fortnite update 5.20 patch notes LTM

Ragnarok, The Dark Viking (Save the World)
A new Mythic Outlander arrives with a ground shattering ability, Seismic Impact!

fortnite update 5.20 patch notes Ragnorak

Horde Challenges (Save the World)
Test your skills and earn lots of loot with weekly Horde Challenges.

fortnite update 5.20 patch notes horde
For a more in-depth list of the various tweaks, changes, and additions in the Fortnite Update 5.20 patch notes, you can head on over to the official site.