Free PS4 game with new PS Plus subscription is Star Wars: Battlefront


Sony has announced that it will offer a free download of Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation 4 when you purchase a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus.

The offer is currently ongoing at the time of writing, although if you want to nab your free PS Plus copy of Star Wars Battlefront you had better get your skates on; Sony’s handing them out on a first come, first served basis, so it’s unlikely to last much longer. The game is only available in restricted quantities to boot.

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Once your new PS Plus membership has been confirmed, Sony will email you the download code for the DICE-developed sci-fi shooter via email. Note that this can take up to 10 hours to reach you, so it might not show up right away.

PS Plus was launched back in 2010 as a premium subscription service to complement Sony’s then-free online multiplayer experience for the PS3. The service later transitioned to the PS4 in 2013, although this time around online play required a membership. However, the extra content more than justifies the asking price, with free PS Plus games made available on a monthly basis. 

Star Wars Battlefront hit stores in November 2015 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One, and DICE is currently working on a sequel, which is scheduled to hit stores this fall. The game will include a brand new single-player campaign in addition to its comprehensive multiplayer offering, and features characters plucked from the latest Star Wars films.