Friday the 13th update 1.04 improves PS4 matchmaking

friday the 13th update 1.04

Gun Media has rolled out Friday the 13th update 1.04 for PlayStation 4 this week, crucially improving the matchmaking functionality of the hide-and-seek horror outing. 

The publisher noted that the game now benefits from a major speed boost in terms of matchmaking, as much as four to six times faster. In addition, Friday the 13th update 1.04 also addresses a number of notable bugs in the game, including Jason getting stuck during various animations and players reacting to corpses while being chased. Exploits have also been ironed out, notably one where counsellors were able to hide slightly out of Jason’s reach. 

Friday the 13th was plagued by server issues from day one, with Gun Studios underestimating how many players would flock to the title upon launch. As a result, the servers were unable to handle the demand, hence why things haven’t been running so smoothly as of late. While the developer attempted to address this initial hiccup, the game was then struck by lengthy matchmaking waiting times, with many players also being disconnected on a frequent basis. 

Based on the popular slasher film series from Paramount Pictures, the survival horror title sees seven Camp Crystal Lake counsellors attempting to survive against the inexorable teen-killer Jason, with the game set in a semi-open world that offers plenty of exploration. Friday the 13th was funded via Kickstarter and BackerKit, becoming the 124th most successful crowdfunded project of all time. 

Fortunately, with the update now available for PS4 we should hopefully see things return to normal. Friday the 13th was released for PS4, PC, and Xbox One on May 27.