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PSU’s Game Of The Year 2021 – Best Fighting Game

Best Fighting Game 2021: Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown

Fighting games are generally not quite as prolific as the myriad of action-adventure or RPGs that typically roll out every year, but there’s still plenty worth your hard-earned cash. Picking the Best Fighting Game is an interesting prospect; many games that have been out for years are still very much in the public consciousness due to post-launch support.

Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5 are solid examples – both titles came out four-five years ago, but are in unequivocally better shape and offer more value for money than they did at launch.

2021 wasn’t quite as strong as we perhaps wanted, but there were some great games of fisticuffs that are worth your hard-earned cash.

The game we plumped for is Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, an enhanced version of a game that came out way back in 2007 on PS3. Still, it’s a testament to its strengths as a fighter that it fended off some stiff competition.

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Runners Up:

Guilty Gear Strive & Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – The Game: Complete Edition tie for second place!

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