Gaming news you may have missed, feat. Castlevania, Far Cry, Dead Space

With so much gaming news coming out each day, we want to keep you updated on every bit of it. So this weekly article will cover other gaming news and videos that you may have missed. Read about our favorite news and videos, and then scroll down for a list of recent videos from big titles to lesser-known PlayStation games.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 VGAs 2012 Teaser Trailer

Far Cry 3 Blowout featuring Launch Trailer, Co-op Campaign Trailer and much more

Far Cry 3: The Official Launch Trailer [UK]

Far Cry 3: The Insane Edition Unboxing

Far Cry 3: Heroes wanted, join the Far Cry team

Far Cry 3: Insanity Mirror App [UK]

Guardians of Middle Earth Character Trailers for Haldir, Lugbol, Arathorn and Runsig

Guardians of Middle-Earth New Trailer: Arathorn and Runsig

Batman Arkham City Boardgame

Batman™: Arkham City Escape is a two-player game that pits Batman against all of his greatest foes as they try to escape Arkham! In this game, one player represents Batman, and the other player represents the villains that Batman has fought in the past. The player controlling the Arkham inmates earns victory points by helping the villains escape Arkham, while the Batman player gains points by apprehending his rivals before they make it out of the city. The first player to earn 10 Victory Points is the winner!

Key Features

-In Batman™: Arkham City Escape, two players engage in a game of wits and strategy that pits Batman against his greatest foes as they try to escape Arkham City!

-One player takes on the role of Batman, and the other player is in command of Batman’s Rogues Gallery! No two games play out the same, as the villain player uses a random assortment of villains each time.

-Each of the Arkham City inmates has exclusive special abilities to use as they take hostages and try to escape the clutches of the Dark Knight.

-Utility Belt cards give Batman access to a variety of special gadgets to use as he works towards stopping the Arkham City escapees and saving his allies!

Visit the official site here.

Game Box Contains:

126 Game Cards
40 Villain Cards
40 Batman Combat Cards
8 Utility Belt Cards
10 Ally Cards
10 Gargoyle Cards
18 Setup Cards
(1) Batman Character Paw
( Combat/Action Dice
(1) Batman Experience Die
(1) 18” x 33” Double-Sided Gameboard
(1) Utility Belt Board
(1) Rulebook

New Dead Space 3 screenshots

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Assassin’s Creed 3: Gameplay Tutorials Trailer

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise – Ghostfacebear Scream Trailer

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Launch Trailer

Metro Last Light – Survivors- The Model Trailer


Madden NFL 13 Draft Duels Game Mode

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – The Black Shroud Part 2 (Alpha)


Metal Gear Rising Revengance Boss Battle footage

Battlefield 3 Mirrors Edge 2 Teaser Easter Egg