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Ghost Of A Tale 2 Using Unreal Engine 5 Gets Stunning First Screen Shot

ghost of a tale 2 ps5

Ghost of a Tale 2 running on Unreal Engine 5 has just gotten its first screenshot, courtesy of its creator, SeithCG.

The screenshot, which can be seen below, shows a highly detailed scene depicting a rickety table filled with candles and apples amidst a cavern type area where all kinds of mushrooms and vines appear to be growing. Hugely detailed with some great lighting, the image also shows a wanted poster with what would seem to be Tilo, the meek hero of the first game, looking uncharacteristically vicious.

ghost of a tale 2 ps5 screenshot

Though we have precious little more to go on regarding Ghost of a Tale 2, the first game is absolutely worth a play. A deft combination of platforming, puzzle solving and action RPG elements, Ghost of a Tale puts players in the tiny shoes of a Tilo, a brave little mouse minstrel who must infiltrate the Dwindling Heights Keep and rescue Merra, his true love.

Even better, Ghost of a Tale runs at a silky smooth 60 FPS when played on PS5, too.

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Though Ghost of a Tale 2 has yet to be officially announced for a PS5 release, considering that the first game splashed down on PS4 (rather successfully too, I might add), it seems like a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.

No release date for Ghost of a Tale 2 has yet been announced. In the meantime though, you can catch the latest trailer for the still-awesome first game below.

Source: SeithCG on TwitterCover image taken from Ghost of a Tale official site gallery