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Ghost Of Tsushima Is Squeezing PS4 For All It’s Worth

Sucker Punch Productions’ upcoming Ghost of Tsushima is one of the last major PS4-exclusives on the horizon, and unexpectedly, the studio is doing its best to squeeze every ounce of power out of the ageing system.

Ghost Of Tsushima PS4 Details

Speaking with IGN, creative director Jason Connell commented:

We’ve learned a ton and we’ve just built on tech, on tech, on tech, and we have amazing technical rendering gurus at Sucker Punch. They’ve managed to pull out every little ounce of performance so that we could have our dreams of making this game.

You can see pretty far in the game as we show off, and that’s not some fabricated thing with hacks. You can just get down from that mountain and go to those places. It’s stunning what they’ve been able to pull off for us from a technical perspective.

Ghost of Tsushima houses Sucker Punch’s biggest game world by far, and will clock in at around 40-50 hours depending on how much side activities you take part in.

The game will launch on July 17 following a brief delay.