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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint PS4 1.0.1 Update Patch Notes

Ubisoft has rolled out the full Ghost Recon: Breakpoint PS4 1.0.1 update patch notes for you to gawk at, which is essentially the game’s day one patch. As such, there’s a bunch of improvements being integrated into the squad-based open-world shooter, which are all included in the digital version of the game.

That means if you buy Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on disc for the PS4, you’ll have to download the patch on release day.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint PS4 1.0.1 Update Patch Notes


  • Polished aim assist.
  • Improved performances and optimizations.
  • Improvements to online flows.
  • Improved game stability.
  • Improved voice chat and text chat.


  • Improvements made to some menus for better understanding.


  • Improved gun sounds.


  • Polished matchmaking stability.
  • Polished Elimination and Sabotage game modes.


  • Fixed a number of flow issues (i.e. infinite loading, online errors).
  • Fixed an issue where the mark would remain on a player longer than intended.
  • Fixed and issue where some Milestones were not completed as intended.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the end match screen page.


  • Improved enemy AI detection.


  • Tweaked item spawns and loot placement on maps.
  • Tweaked and improved some weapon balance.


  • Fixed issues where players would get stuck in the world or fall under the map.
  • Fixed issues where players would have character freeze or get stuck after specific actions.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is scheduled for general release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on October 4. If you’ve got early access, then you can play the game a few days ahead of everyone else. Be sure to read up on the pre-load and launch times here.

Ubisoft has previously revealed its DLC plans for the game, which includes new expansion drops roughly every four months.

On a side note, will that Michael Bay-produced Ghost Recon movie ever happen?