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God of War Review Embargo Lifts Soon

The God of War PS4 file size has been revealed and the God of War review embargo is about to lift very soon. Multiple gaming sites have now completed Kratos' latest action-adventure, including PlayStation Universe, and we have a lot to tell you about!

The file size of God of War on PS4 will be 44.46GB. Though it won't run in native 4K, the game will use 2160p checkerboard rendering and support HDR on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.

god of war ps4 review
God of War PS4 review – Expected April 12, 2018

God of War Review Embargo

The reviews for God of War PS4 will be online on April 12 at 12:01 AM PT / 08:00 BST / 16:00 JST. We’ve got our all ready to go and will launch it bang at that time.

God of War PS4 is the eighth instalment in the PS4 exclusive series. In the game, series protagonist Kratos returns and you play alongside his son, Atreus. Expect epic battles as Kratos trades in his double-chained blade for his Leviathan Axe, which can be fused with various magical abilities.

Alongside boss battles and quick-time events, the new God of War has RPG elements, including crafting and upgrades. Players can also explore the semi open-world for collectibles, including Hacksilver, which allows you to create new items.

God of War PS4 is due for release on April 20, exclusively on PS4.

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  • Swinny UK

    This game doesn’t have QTEs. I never minded them in the old GOW games, for the most part. If it was based on a decision I’m making for myself, like “I want to rip the head off of this Medusa so that I can use it to turn all of these enemies to stone”, I don’t mind that. That’s part of the stratedgy and the gameplay. Whereas when you damage a boss enough and the huge “O” floats above their head indicating you to grab them, then Kratos goes ahead and jumps into an on-rails sequence and does something that you weren’t thinking, the player loses agency and, a new term I’ve heard, they lose “intentionality”. And that doesn’t feel good, for as cool as these animations can be. I much prefer the way that, for example, Devil May Cry handles it, because in that game, you get to choose how you take down the enemy/boss. In my view, that’s objectively better.
    So I’m glad that GOW has dropped QTEs.