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God of War PS4’s Hardest Difficulty Setting Is Unique

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More news is filtering out about God of War on PlayStation 4 following a recent press event in the US. Alongside some stunning new gameplay footage, it looks like critics are hyped for the return of Kratos.

While industry influencer Greg Miller described the first God of War boss battle as the best ‘superhero' [style] fight I've ever played in a video game,” others got the scoop on some new details.

God of War PS4 Difficulty Settings

We now also know that God of War will have four difficulty settings. Once you start on the most difficult level it creates a different game save, so you cannot just switch the level of difficulty.

Furthermore, God of War creative director Cory Barlog says that it isn't your usual difficulty increase. “We did a ton of stuff to make it a genuine challenge, not a cynical increase. Enemies are all changed up. We changed the attack patterns of things; it's hugely different,” he told RollingStone.com.

God of War PS4 is really shaping up to be something special. In a PS4 Pro tech analysis from Digital Foundry, they've called it “one of the cleanest games available on the platform”, confirming smooth 4K graphics with checkerboard rendering 2160p.

God of War PS4 launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018.

  • Swinny UK

    This is by FAR the best piece of news I have read about this game since its announcement. There is nothing I hate more than modern “Hard” Modes, so it’s good to here that, for once, they’re actually putting some thought in to it. As Corey said, usually the Hard Mode is nothing more than a “cynical increase” by developers who don’t understand why people like challenge in games. And usually, the mechanics aren’t good enough, and don’t have enough depth, to support the challenge and actually be fun. Take Uncharted 4 on hard, for example. Hope you enjoy getting one-shot from enemies that randomly spawn in and appear all around you and start shooting at you from somewhere off-screen that you can’t see. There’s no stratedgy to this, it’s not a challenge that you are facing and engaging with head-on. And when you die, it’s not because you made a mistake, it’s because it’s cheap and poorly designed and based on luck rather than skill and strategy. This is the “cynical increase” he is referring to. Most modern hard modes are like this, it’s truly, truly awful.

    I love nothing more than a good challenge, so hopefully this delivers. Hopefully it’s a genuine challenge that’s not hard for the sake of being hard, but challenging for the sake of getting you invested, making you care, making you use strategies and giving you a sense of achievement whilst making all of the mechanics meaningful and relevant.

    • Beasley2K

      While I agree with everything you said, the problem with this proposal is that to develop a game that way, they have to essentially rebuild the game from the ground up for each difficulty, rather than taking the “cheap” option of changing enemy damage. It takes considerably more effort to change that much for each difficulty, even if it is better.

      I heard the Silent Hill games were good at this though, with the difficulty affecting the actual puzzles.

      • Swinny UK

        Yes, it takes effort, and it takes talent(to make it challenging but fair). But challenge is as essential to gameplay as, say, the actors or story are to a film. This is what makes the gaming medium tick, and it’s what defines it, so if you’re going to put effort in to any one thing, it should be this(if you’re serious about games, that is!). I don’t care that you spent 5 years on these fancy graphics if the game design isn’t good, you know?

        Shame most devs don’t see it that way. I think most of them don’t even understand why games are and should be a challenge. They just cynically include a way to fail(or die) in their game without understanding why. It’s just this thing that they do. It’s been done this way for so long that they’ve forgot why they do it, I think. And that’s why most hard modes are awful. At least, that’s as far as my logic takes me. I don’t know how else to explain the non-stop flow of bad game design these days, lol.

      • Swinny UK

        If you want a decent hard mode, play Bayonetta, Devil May Cry(2001), God Hand, or Metal Gear Rising. I’m sure I’ll be adding The Wonderful 101 to this list once I’ve tried out the Hard Mode(although the Normal mode on its own was a nice challenge!). And dang is it depressing that when I try to think of “games with good hard modes”, they’re all from generations past. Yes, I recently played Silent Hill 2 on the Hard Riddle Level mode, it was very satisfying. Only when I completed it and seen that I didn’t unlock the “Extra” level of difficulty, I searched around and found out that you need to complete easy, normal and hard to unlock it. UGH. I could never bring myself to do an Easy playthrough. It’d put me to sleep. I need challenge to stay engaged. But I really want that Extra mode…. 🙁