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Going Haywire Treasure Hunt Solution – Far Cry New Dawn

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Find how to solve the Going Haywire Treasure Hunt puzzle in Far Cry New Dawn. Head to the location marked on the map at Parker’s Vault, and pick up the note. There’s a strange machine and there’s seemingly no way to turn it off.

going haywire treasure hunt

In order to turn off the machine, you’ll need to get inside the building. As the note confirms, the door is chained from the inside. However, read it carefully and you’ll also see that you can get a view of the padlock if you get on the roof.

Going Haywire Treasure Hunt

  1. Climb on the roof and equip a pistol or another weapon.
  2. Shoot through the small grate to break the padlock.
  3. Go inside the building and grab everything you can. There’s a safe containing Titanium too.
  4. Head back outside and drop down they yellow hatch.
  5. Grab your rewards for completing the Going Haywire Treasure Hunt puzzle.

You can also watch the puzzle solution in action in the video below.

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