Grand Theft Auto IV to last roughly 100 hours

On top of having a massive open-ended world to be your new playground, Rockstar has given its gamers a huge amount of pure story to play with as well. According to Rockstar, if you take your time and answer your phone regularly, Grand Theft Auto IV could potentially last roughly 100 hours worth of actual story gameplay.

"If you’re not in a rush and you answer the phone when it rings it’ll take about 100 hours to complete", a Rockstar representative said. "It’s harder to distinguish between main and side missions – there are loads of both. But there are more main missions than side missions. It’s not as clear cut as it used to be because of the phone."

It has been known for awhile that GTA IV will heavily focus around Niko’s phone, so it’s no surprise that the game has the potential to be lengthy, but 100 hours was rather unexpected. Niko’s phone is not only a way to gain new missions or story pieces, but also your gateway into the multiplayer functionality of Grand Theft Auto IV. We’ll keep you up to date if anything else happens.