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Green Hell Has Surpassed 5 Million Copies Sold, Green Hell 2 In The Works

Green Hell has surpassed more than 5 million copies sold according to developer Creepy Jar per a report from Polish publication Bankier, spotted by MauroNL on Twitter.

Not only has Green Hell hit a huge sales milestone, but Creepy Jar has also confirmed that it is working on a sequel, which they’re simply calling Green Hell 2.

“We have already started intensive work on the direction of the Green Hell 2 project,” the developer said.

Whatever Green Hell 2 will be is still definitely early stages at this point, and we won’t know more for a while. Still, it’s exciting for fans to know that not only has the first game done very well, the developers are excited to get to work on the next one.

After Green Hell, players on PS VR2 even got a Green Hell VR mode, which arrived this past November. A welcome addition to the PS VR2’s lineup, hopefully with the coming sequel, Creepy Jar will have the VR mode ready to go with the rest of the game.

Source – [Bankier via MauroNL on Twitter]