GTA Online features over 500 missions

Grand Theft Auto Online will include over 500 missions, Rockstar has confirmed to Game Informer.

The multiplayer companion to GTA V takes place after the single-player campaign of Rockstar’s upcoming crime sequel, and includes nearly all activities from the main game.

So, expect the likes of heists, hijacking, robberies, racing and gang assaults to cater to criminal needs, while leisure activities such as tennis, golf and base jumping will be also up for grabs.

As well as bumping into other players and crew members, GTA Online also features appearances from GTA V characters, such as the car dealer you can flog bent motors to for extra cash.

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Various groups will reward you for your loyalty throughout the game. For example, if you get cosy with a gang of bikers, they’ll support you during missions with extra firepower. Befriend a technical wizard meanwhile, and he’ll ensure you don’t turn up on enemy radar throughout your objective.

Playing a similar mission type frequently will result in GTA Online chucking more of the same variety your way, too.

Finally, if you fancy a quiet life you can turn on passive mode, allowing you to avoid attacks from other gamers. However, if you fire your weapon, it’ll automatically cancel.

GTA Online is scheduled to go live on October 1, with GTA V due out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17.

via CVG