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HBO’s The Last Of Us Pilot Episode Looks To Have Wrapped Filming

Filming on the pilot episode for HBO’s highly anticipated The Last of Us looks to have completed, according to director Kantemir Balagov.

The director took to Instagram to confirm that principle photography has been completed. This means that the initial shoot is done, although reshoots could still happen before it actually airs.

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The Last of Us for HBO has been filming throughout the summer in Calgary, which is doubling for Austin, Texas. According to some production photos snapped by fans, the cast and crew have been shooting the game’s prologue sequence, as there’s a heavy SWEAT presence in the area.

A report from earlier this summer suggests that The Last of Us will feature an episodic budget of over eight figures, so there’s obviously a lot of cash being thrown at the project.

HBO’s The Last of Us will air some time in 2022. Meanwhile, developer Naughty Dog is believed to be working on a full PS5 remake of the original game.