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Helldivers 2 Reportedly Sold More Than Double What Skull & Bones Sold In Its Launch Week In Europe

Skull & Bones finally released last week across the world, and the game that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag fans have waited years for, is here.

With so much build up, whether it was good or not it would be expected to sell plenty right at launch, and be the best-selling title for its launch week.

In comes Helldivers 2 to spoil that party, which, at least in Europe, reportedly sold more than double what Skull & Bones sold in its launch week.

That’s not to say Skull & Bones didn’t sell plenty of units. It was still the second-best selling title in Europe for the week. It just so happens that Helldivers 2 sold about 2.5x the amount, according to head of GamesIndustry.Biz Chris Dring.

In a follow up tweet, Dring adds another major insight into just how well Helldivers 2 is doing, as he reports that the game actually increased its sales in Europe by 40% from its first week on the market to its second.

To say that Helldivers 2 has been a huge success for PlayStation and Arrowhead Games would be an understatement, hopefully the rest of the live service games still in the pipeline can take some good lessons from the success of Helldivers 2.

Source – [Chris Dring on Twitter]