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Hi-Fi Rush And Pentiment Will Arrive On PlayStation First, Sea Of Thieves To Come Later Says New Report

Another report from The Verge claims that Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment will be the first previously Xbox exclusive titles to come to PlayStation, with Sea Of Thieves arriving later in 2024.

The report also claims that these are the games we’ll hear about coming to PlayStation from the Xbox team on Thursday during the special edition episode of the Xbox podcast with Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty.

Rumours have been flying since last weekend about what will and won’t be coming to PlayStation from Xbox’s exclusive library. For now, everything is still alleged, but there are some solid examples for at least a couple of games.

Namely Hi-Fi Rush, as the most recent reports all but confirm the coming port. So where there’s Hi-Fi smoke, there’s likely Pentiment and Sea Of Thieves fire.

However what remains unclear is if that’s as far as Xbox will go with this strategy change. Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment are smaller titles that could do well with some PlayStation sales.

Sea Of Thieves is a live service title that can always use new players, no matter where they come from. But will that be the same mentality Xbox takes to something like Halo? That is still what’s unclear, more than anything.

Whatever the case, we’ll hopefully find out on Thursday.

Source – [The Verge]