Game Developers Conference [GDC] 2008 News

Home content creation to be showcased at GDC 2008

PlayStation’s long awaited community based online networking system, Home, is set to be shown off to developers as it was a year ago, at the Game Developer’s Conference, when it was announced. This time around Sony will be showing developers how to properly incorporate the new features that Home will have.

Taking the information straight from the Game Developer’s Conference website, it seems that   James Cox, Senior Producer of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and Warren Keyes, Lead Tools Programmer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, will be heading the presentation which will take place on February 21, 2008 at the show.

The official session description shows that both gentlemen will, "cover an overview of the current Home Tools features and the feature roadmaps for the future." In addition to this basic overview, they will also be showcasing  the process of creating a Home space for developers as well as show a guide on how to create 3D mini-games within the Home.

Home has been in development since early 2005; it will allow users to create an avatar for their PlayStation 3 console complete with their own apartment, which can then be decorated by the user. In the future the service will also expand, allowing players to have more sorts of clothing, downloadable demos, watch trailers, and even launch games from the Home service.

Even with the Consumer Electronic’s Show ready to wrap up at weeks end, it is never to early to start getting excited for the next bit of news we will be hearing from Sony. Expect Home to have a presence at this year’s GDC as it did last year when it was first announced.