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It Looks Like Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Is Leaving The PS Plus Extra Game Catalog In May

UPDATE 13/05/2024: It has been confirmed by Sony that yes, Horizon Zero Dawn will indeed be leaving the PS Plus Extra/Premium Game Catalog on May 21, 2024.

It’s odd to see Sony taking out first-party games from a game catalog that’s supposed to have Sony’s latest and greatest as part of what attracts players to it. Especially after the prices were drastically increased last year.

If players can’t even get the full library of first-party games, it only detracts from what’s supposed to make the higher tiers of PlayStation Plus look enticing.

Of course, if this really is a sign that a remaster for Horizon Zero Dawn is set to be announced, then it could likely be the case that the remaster will soon take the original’s place.

Original Story:

Horizon Zero Dawn originally launched all the way back at the beginning of 2017, with a DLC expansion out before the end of the same year. It quickly became a key first-party game for PlayStation, so much that it’s been Guerilla’s main focus since the first game and we’re even meant to get a tv show out of it.

Despite how important this initial game and the Horizon franchise is, it looks like the game will be leaving the PS Plus Extra Game Catalog this month, on May 21, 2024.

This comes first from a post on Reddit spotted by PushSquare, where user Melodic_Cake_3344 posted a photo of a warning that the game will no longer be available in the subscription after the aforementioned date.

When researching the claim, PushSquare jumped over to their own console and found the same message. When PSU saw it, we did the same, though at least for this news writer, the message wasn’t there.

It’s unclear if this is just an issue between regions – while the PushSquare team is likely grabbing their screenshot off a PS5 region set to the UK, it’s unknown what OP’s region is, and for this news writer, the region is Canada.

Currently the game isn’t listed in the “Last Chance To Play” category, where all games leaving the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalogs are listed. But the region discrepancy could be a sign that the notice of the game leaving was posted in error, or that all regions just haven’t been properly updated.

That it would be leaving the service at all is an odd thing, considering that it’s a first-party, PlayStation Studios game. We know that PlayStation won’t be like Microsoft anytime soon by launching its first-party games into its subscription service, but you’d expect the older games to stick around once they’re there.

It seemingly getting ready to leave however has sparked interest that this could be a sign of a coming Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster announcement, which is a project that’s been rumoured to be in the works since October 2022.

Whatever this ends up meaning, it’s likely we won’t have to wait long to find out, with June right around the corner and the likelihood of a PlayStation Showcase being announced soon increasing each day.

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