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Horizon Zero Dawn TV Show Leak Reveals Key Plot Details

Journalist Jeff Grubb has spilled the beans on some early plot details on Netflix’s upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn TV show, revealing the project will be known as Horizon 2074 and will be “split between the timeline you see in the games and the timeline of where things begin to fall.”

According to Grubb, the show is not being pitched as “a reboot or remake or remaining of the game’s story line,” but instead serves as a companion to Guerrilla Games’ titles and “take place parallel [to them] and explain other elements that happen.” He also believes the Horizon Zero Dawn TV show will be filmed in Toronto.

Grubb’s comments haven’t been confirmed by official sources yet, although it does paint an interesting picture, as it means we will potentially see the likes of Aloy, Elisabet Sobeck, and Ted Faro.

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The Horizon Zero Dawn TV show is obviously in the early stages of production at this point, as it was only announced last month. Meanwhile, we also have a new entry in the series for PSVR 2 in development, known as Horizon Call of the Mountain.