How and why you should rebuild your PS4 database regularly

ps4 pro rebuild database

When rebuilding your Sony PlayStation 4 database you’re essentially organizing your database of content, and maintaining your PS4 to ensure it performs at its best. We are heavy users of the PS4, so we rebuild our database every month.

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In the same way that you’re recommended to defrag your PC in order to improve overall performance, the same applies to your PS4. Files on your PS4 can become fragmented and disorganised causing performance issues. This particularly applies if your PS4 hard-drive is full of content – game saves, apps, videos etc. This can result in longer loading times, and navigation through the menu system can seem clunky.

PS4 rebuild database allows you to spring clean your drive, re-organise the structure of those files and folders (which the system will do for you), and ensure your PS4 is running as smoothly as possible. This function allows you to free up space on your hard-drive which can aid performance by clearing unneeded files and memory.

If you suspect that your PS4 isn’t functioning as well as it used to then it’s time to get rebuilding your database, which isn’t half as scary as it sounds!

You may also want to rebuild the PS4 database if you’re experiencing any of the following issues:

  • PS4 not reading a disc
  • Other PS4 disc drive issues
  • Slow game loading times
  • Game stuttering issues, particularly during cut scenes
  • Navigation slow down through menus
  • Issues with accessing DLC

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How to rebuild your PS4 database

To initialize a full rebuild of the PS4 database, you first need to start Safe Mode.

Safe mode allows you to boot up your PS4 and access a variety of options to troubleshoot issues with your console. You should only use these functions if you’re following a guide because you can lose game data if you don’t know what you’re doing.

1. Switch off your PS4 using the power button on the front of your console.

2. Hold down the power button and listen out for two beeps (this takes approximately seven seconds).

3. Ensure that your PS4 controller is connected via USB cable. Turn it on. You’ll now be presented with the following options.

When presented with the Safe Mode menu, you’ll see the option to Rebuild Database.

how to start safe mode

1. Choose option 5 and press ‘X’ to Rebuild Database.

2. Wait. Don’t panic. Your screen will go black and it could take hours for the database to rebuild depending on how much data you have on your PlayStation 4. Do not turn the console off during this process.

3. Once the PS4 restarts, your database has been cleaned. You won’t lose any data during this process. All it does it reorganise your files and clear up your memory.

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Important to remember

  • Rebuild Database PS4 will not delete any of your data
  • Some users have been prompted to download recent game updates following a rebuild
  • DO NOT accidentally press Initialize PS4 (this will wipe all your data)
  • Some users have reported a huge difference in the quality of performance of Sony’s console after a rebuild

Happy gaming!