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How To Get The Monster Hunter World Miniature Crown, Gold Crowns and Platinum

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In order to gain the elusive platinum trophy, you're going to need to find the Monster Hunter World miniature crown. And, it's not easy!

In fact, very few players have achieved the Monster Hunter World platinum trophy or achievement. To get the kudos, you're going to need to capture the largest and smallest version of every monster and get a gold crown. To get the miniature crown, you’re going to need to slay a mini monster.

In order to get the platinum trophy you must: Get all GOLD giant crowns and all GOLD miniature crowns. These crowns drop entirely randomly, and just because you’ve beaten a monster doesn’t mean that you’ll get one.

Prioritise Your Time For The Monster Hunter World Miniature Crown

To get your hands on the miniature crown it's going to take a look of grinding. Check out timed quests on the mission board, go on explorations, and make sure you know what you're looking for before you set out to save time by checking the monster log.

How to get the plunderblade and farm fast

Play lower ranking quests so you can beat monsters more easily and get gathering every footprint you come across. Depart on investigations ranked silver or gold and make sure you play the weekly quests.

During these quests, players are reporting that it's more likely that crowns will drop and you'll gain that elusive Monster Hunter World miniature crown. The bad news is that they are totally randomly-generated. There's no 100% solution or set guide that can tell you exactly where to go.

You simply need to keep grinding, but spending your time focused on your monster-slaying mission for the right creatures in the right type of missions. Making sure you do the weekly quests is essential.

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