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Monster Hunter World: How To Get PlunderBlade For Farming Fast

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Want to know the most efficient farming method in Monster Hunter World? Looking for a tool that will help you farm materials efficiently and quickly? You need the PlunderBlade in your life! This is one of the best gadgets you can get for your Palico.

What is PlunderBlade?

PlunderBlade is an upgrade for your Palico, a tool that will knock off rare pieces from monsters during combat. Your Palico will steal a ton of monster pieces during each battle, which comes in very handy for your own upgrades!

Okay, so here's the tough part.

How To Get PlunderBlade in Monster Hunter World

So, you can trigger your new Palico upgrade by completing the Grimalkynes quest in the Rotten Vale.

You do this by discovering doodles dotted around the map - you'll see them glowing green on walls. Once you've research enough of them, and you're in exploration mode in the Rotten Vale, head to Area 13 and make sure you've got some raw meat in your pouch.

Explore this area until you find the Grimalkyne. He'll run for safety, so you need to find him. Head to area 15 and explore until you find him again. Once he runs off, place your raw meat on the ground. Back right off and watch as the Grimalkyne can't resist coming out of hiding and eating the meat, while giving you the PlunderBlade as a reward!

However, that's not the only way! Check out the following guide on How To Get PlundeBlade from YouTuber Mtashed. And watch the PlunderBlade in action. It’s awesome!

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