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What is Affinity In Monster Hunter World And Why Is It So Crucial?

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As you head toward the Monster Hunter World end game, affinity gets more and more important, but what is it?

Instead of a traditional levelling up process, Monster Hunter World measures your progression by the upgrading of gear. Affinity is a stat that measures how much additional damage a weapon can make. This isn't so crucial in the early stages, but as you reach the end game – and participate in hunts of a higher rank – affinity becomes really important.

What Is Affinity in Monster Hunter World?

Each weapon in Monster Hunter World can have a negative, positive or neutral affinity stat. So, the affinity affects the efficiency of your weapon. You can view this stat by selecting a weapon from the equipment menu. In the panel on the right side of the screen you'll see your affinity stat, just under attack and sharpness.

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Weapon affinity ties in with your armor, and this is where it gets a little complicated. By equipping certain armor skills you can boost the affinity of your weapon. We're talking about armors skills such as: Attack Boost, Critical Eye, Affinity Sliding and Critical Draw.

Experiment in Monster Hunter World To Boost Your Weapon Affinity

By experimenting with different weapons with these various armor skills equipped you'll see your affinity change. The higher the affinity of a weapon the better chance you'll have at dealing additional damage to the monsters and scoring a critical hit.

So, in summary. Create perfect builds by equipping a weapon and applying different armor skills until your Monster Hunter World weapon affinity is increased as much as possible!

Happy hunting!

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