Huge Diablo III update 2.3 available for PS4

Blizzard has blessed its subjects again with a new massive 2.3 update for Diablo III, which is now available on all three platforms, including PS4! On, Blizzard has given us the run-down on what exactly is included in this update.

Here’s Diablo’s official video for the patch.



-The Ruins of Sescheron are now available for exploration with new enemies, environmental hazards and more insight as to what tragedy had befallen the poor folk at Mount Arreat.

-You can obtain Kanai’s Cube, which is somewhat of a nod to the Horadric Cube from Diablo 2. Obtaining this gives your character even more customization options and possibilities to progress faster, such as taking a legendary item, and placing it in the cube with the necessary crafting materials, giving you the ability to absorb the item (which “destroys” it), and add it to your arsenal of collected powers, which equips the item to your character without actually having to equip it.

diablo 3 ps4

Here’s a video on how to obtain Kanai’s Cube and what recipes you need!

-You can now upgrade rare items with the quality of a level 70 into legendary items.

-You can remove the level requirement from any item, allowing it to be equipped by any character at any level!

-Convert 100 normal, magic, or rare crafting materials to 100 of another type of non-legendary crafting material.

There’s so much added content! Blizzard fans will stay busy as always.